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Our New Diploma Course is accredited for 50 Credits 

We introduce also Online Diploma in MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound.

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My main idea is to translate the attended Courses into a Degree,

and this is happening for the first time in the world in the field of MSK US.

Dr.Ayman M. Fahim

This Degree in MSK US 

has the following advantages:

- First of its Kind.   
- High Caliber International Faculty.        
- Personalized attention to students.·        
- Integral education.·        
- Practical approach of the subjects.·        
- Adds more skills to the Professionals.·        
- Adds more qualification to the Professional
  and enrich their career.·        
- Should satisfy Insurance companies when it
  comes to professional claims (Varies in
  different Countries).·        
- Growing the field of practice among the
  related Professionals, when it comes to the
  Diagnostic and Interventional Bed-Side

  Office Tool.

Post Graduate Degree of Expert in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

This Degree in MSK US directs students how to develop their career through a unique training project and clearly focused on the daily practice bed side and office diagnosis needs.

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